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And these errors – many of which are serious – have cost companies large and small up to several billion dollars – each!

It is this issue that VeryViz aims to address with expert advice and a suite of innovative software solutions.

Spreadsheet Data Analysis Tools

Microsoft Excel is a powerful data analysis tool in its own right. With a wide range of Excel add-ins available from the Microsoft Office website and many 3rd party publishers, you can make your spreadsheets even more useful.

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EQUS for Data Integrity

EQUS stands for Enhancing the Quality and Usability of Spreadsheets. With so many spreadsheets containing (often costly) errors, EQUS is a new tool developed by Sheffield Hallam University and Learning Light Ltd to help people visualize, check and understand their formulae.

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Spreadsheet Tips & Advice

Expert advice on using spreadsheets effectively to organise, visualize, analyse and understand your data. We’ll include tips and tricks for using popular desktop and cloud-based software and databases, including Microsoft Excel, SQL and Google Sheets.

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