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And these errors – many of which are serious – have cost companies large and small up to several billion dollars – each!

It is this issue that VeryViz aims to address with expert advice and a suite of innovative software solutions.

Spreadsheet Data Analysis Tools

Microsoft Excel is a powerful data analysis tool in its own right. With a wide range of Excel add-ins available from the Microsoft Office website and many 3rd party publishers, you can make your spreadsheets even more useful.

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EQUS for Data Integrity

EQUS stands for Enhancing the Quality and Usability of Spreadsheets. With so many spreadsheets containing (often costly) errors, EQUS is a new tool developed by Sheffield Hallam University and Learning Light Ltd to help people visualize, check and understand their formulae.

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Spreadsheet Tips & Advice

Expert advice on using spreadsheets effectively to organise, visualize, analyse and understand your data. We’ll include tips and tricks for using popular desktop and cloud-based software and databases, including Microsoft Excel, SQL and Google Sheets.

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Can you use this visualisation?

Data visualisation is one of those fantastic ideas where data is presented in a format that allows us to see what is going on. From a good visualisation we can drawn conclusions about a data set easily. We can interpret the numbers with the effort of doing any number...

If you have an error, try #IFERROR

It is not uncommon to complete a spreadsheet model for expected values only to find that some user inputs  are not what you expected result in errors. Depending upon the details, you simply what to stop that error behaviour cropping up in your reporting -...

Visualisation as a market

Visualisation as a market

The market for visualisation is due to grow rapidly based upon @marketmonitor24's recent report. The value and sectors of the market are varied. People will always like to see data more than work directly with it and there seems to be no end to amount of data being...