About VeryViz

VeryViz has been set up as a partnership between Sheffield Hallam University in the UK and online learning and training consultancy, Learning Light Ltd.

The aim is to improve the integrity of the data used by companies and organisations of all sizes to make key decisions about their investments, hiring, business processes and much more.

First up – EQUS – our joint project to help improve data integrity through a useful software add-in:



EQUS stands for Enhancing the Quality and Usability of Spreadsheets.

We’ll be creating further useful tools for managing data and ensuring it’s integrity. We’ll also be signposting more and more great tools and useful tips for using data, analytics and spreadsheets.

We welcome opportunities to collaborate on projects and suggestions for additions and improvements to our website, so feel free to contact us to start a discussion.


EQUS and www.veryvizsolutions.com are owned by VeryViz Ltd.

VeryViz Ltd is set up to commercialise the EQUS product that was developed by Sheffield Hallam University when working with Learning Light Ltd.

The intellectual property of EQUS is owned by Sheffield Hallam University and exclusively licensed to VeryViz Ltd. 

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