In our round-up of data-related news and articles over the last month, topics that stood out included mastering the use of spreadsheets for business, visualizations of the medical evidence for cannabis usage, and how AI might have a major role in the futures of both banking and the art industry.


Medical Evidence for Cannabis Health Benefits – Data Visualization

Medical evidence for cannabis health benefits

A wonderful, interactive data visualization by Information is Beautiful takes a critical look at the scientific evidence for the use of cannabis in medicine. Only human, placebo-controlled trials and meta-studies were included in this. Is Cannabis a ‘snake oil’ treatment?

View the interactive visualization here.


Choosing the Best Data Science Projects to Pursue

Choosing the best data science projects and strategy

Every large organization has some kind of data strategy, but there’ll be many more opinions and project proposals. How to you choose the best data strategy to take your business forward?

There are useful discussions and some excellent tips in this HBR article.


Automated Testing & Modern Data Warehousing

Automated testing for a data warehouse

Software engineering have developed a number of strong methodologies over the years, leading to robust practices.

The world of data warehousing isn’t quite there yet – this article from Josh Temple of Milk Bar discusses working towards a more unified approach.


Businesses Need to Master Spreadsheets

Master spreadsheets for business

Many employees across an organization, from accounts to marketing and HR to strategy, will spend a large chunk of their days deep in spreadsheets. Their data is at the centre of many a business decision, and their errors are at the centre of many a costly mistake!

This article discusses the need for businesses to master their spreadsheet management.


Predicting Overdose Mortality Using Local Data

How to predict overdose mortality

Data science in use to predict overdose mortality rates by US county, taking into account a range of demographic, economic, medical and geographic information.

An interesting study, as many believe that the US is in facing an ‘opioid epidemic‘ that could be a major public health catastrophe for this generation of Americans.


AI and the Future of Art

AI generated art

In late October 2018, a piece of AI generated art sold at Christie’s for a staggering $432,500. This was 45 times the upper estimate and a figure that shocked everyone, including the auction house, and has led to much debate about whether artificial intelligence and machine learning will have a major influence on the art world moving forward.

Read more about the story in this article on the Christie’s website.


AI and the Future of Banking

AI and machine learning for banks

So from Art to Banking and Finance. The financial services sector has always been an early adopted of the latest technology, as organizations here look for new revenue opportunities and ways to find efficiencies for themselves and their clients.

Tamara Sigler is a visionary when it comes to leveraging tech for finance business performance and crime-fighting. In this interview, the Vice President of Capital One’s Center for Machine Learning discusses how Machine Learning will form a key part of their future operations.


Full EQUS Launch – the Spreadsheet Formula Visualization Tool

Early December saw the full launch of our tool to help reduce spreadsheet errors – EQUS.

88% of spreadsheets contain errors according to research by Salesforce, and those errors can be catastrophic – costing companies, in some cases, millions.

EQUS stands for Enhancing the Quality & Usability of Spreadsheets and is a low-cost, but potentially invaluable tool for anyone who works with spreadsheets that contain important data.

Learn more about EQUS here.

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