In our latest roundup of data related stories and visualisations we’ve seen over the last 30 days, there are a couple of interesting articles related to racial and socioeconomic diversity, a true sporting outlier, and issues around spreadsheets, GDPR and cyber security.

America more diverse than ever, but still so segregated

State-level diversity data example

US racial diversity data is organised into country-wide, regional, state and city-level visualisations to show how the divisions are coming down, but are still very apparent. Interesting debate follows in the comments on the methodology used and the meaning of ‘segregation’ in today’s society. This is a fascinating, granular data-journalism piece from the Washington post:


Need for Data Skills

Data Analysis, Spreadsheeting and Excel among the top 40 in demand skills for training, highlighted on this interesting post by Marc Zao Sanders at Filtered:


Top Data Science Books

We found this extensive list on Data Science Weekly:


500 Most Common Passwords

Most common passwords

Is yours on this interactive list of the most common passwords?


Outlier – Stephen Curry’s 3-Point Record Off the Charts

Not a basketball fan? You may still have heard people talking about this statistical outlier on the news over the last few weeks. The NY Times presents the data on an interesting, interactive chart:


Oxford University Faced Anger Over Failure to Improve Diversity

This was a well-publicised finding and interesting debate followed. Some countered that there were relatively few applicants from the North of England and diverse backgrounds – so where does the blame lie?


GDPR and Spreadsheet Security

A timely reminder for those thinking about their data privacy policies as the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) came into full force on 25th May 2018. Could sharing spreadsheets with too many people / the wrong people put the data privacy of your customers, and in turn, your company, at risk?

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