Welcome to our roundup of news and insights on data, spreadsheets and analytics that we have found interesting over the last 30 days or so. Below are links to stories on current in-demand tech skills, a big business on the brink of bankruptcy due to spreadsheet error, and some data visualisation that’s truly out there.

There’s also some stories of interest to those in healthcare, policing and accounting.


Conviviality Yet Another Company on the Verge of Bankruptcy Due to Spreadsheet Error
A big story this, covered in The Times and numerous other publications, sites and blogs. Relatively small errors can have huge consequences for even large companies…


Timeline of the Far Future

Timeline of the far future - data and imagination

An amazing combination of data visualisation and imagination in a big infographic from Information is Beautiful:


Why is violent crime on the rise – and who is most at risk?
The issue discussed with data visualisation for statistics that vary considerable from region to region in the UK.


Queuing Theory, Data & eLearning for Reducing Patient Wait Times

Patient Flow and Queuing Theory

Day One Technologies to work with NHS Scotland and the Scottish Government to combine ‘Queuing Theory’, data on peaks and troughs in patient demand, and training via elearning to help reduce wait times.


Common Data Mistakes to Avoid
Learn about statistical fallacies – common tricks that data can play on you, which lead to mistakes in your analysis.


Pluralsight Technology Index April 2018

High demand tech skills April 2018

The most in-demand software development languages and frameworks. The latest rankings cover over 300 different roles and take in over 8 billion data points from a range of sources, including Google Search, Stack Overflow, Github and more. Blockchain, C# and jQuery are clearly on the rise…


Visualising Differences
Five ways to compare and contrast data.


Spreadsheets are Risky, Mistake Prone – and They’re Going Nowhere
Good article from the AccountingWEB Business Editor.

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