EQUS Accessibility

To support accessibility visual features of EQUS can be modified to suit the needs of the users with visual impairments.

Configuring the visual appearance can be done by editing EQUS’s config file: “user.config”.

Make a back-up copy of the file. Then, using a simple text editor open the file.

You’ll see a series of lines showing key and value pairs (one per line). Each represents a different feature that can be set by you for configuring your EQUS.

You can edit this and change the values to suit your needs.

  • minZoom – this sets the smallest scale that the EQUS visualisation will zoom.
  • There are a number of colour settings – these can be modified to ensure bespoke colour and contrasting colours are used for those with visual impairments.

Finding “user.config” can be difficult. We suggest you search for a file of that name, and ensure its path includes your user name as well as a folder beginning with EQUS. If there are several such user.config files, pick the one with the most recent date.


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