Bespoke Configuration of EQUS

There are elements of EQUS that can be configured. This is done by editing the file “app.config” using a simple text editor like textpad. (Best keep a copy of the file before editing it – just in case!).

In the first ten lines or so you’ll see each line shows a key and value pair. Each represents a different feature that can be set by you for configuring your EQUS. You can edit this and change the values to suit your needs.

Below is a list of other keys that can be changed:

  • demandEqPrefixOnEquations – if set to TRUE, EQUS will not attempt to interpret non-formula as formula.
  • showConstants – constant values will be shown (even if they are not preceded by an equals sign).
  • startOpen – if set to TRUE, EQUS will always be open when you start Excel.
  • stickyTag – if you add a comment to a cell with this value in it, EQUS will try to always visualise that cell (and not the currently selected cell). This can be useful for tutor demonstrations of different values being used in a single equation.
  • respondsiveOnSheet (only available in some versions) – if set to TRUE, EQUS will highlight cells in your spreadsheet when you move the mouse over a cell in the EQUS visualisation window. Formally, the highlighting modifies the spreadsheet, if you do not what this to happen, set the property to FALSE.

Finding the “user.config” file can be hard. We suggest you search for a file of that name, and ensure its path includes your user name as well as a folder beginning with EQUS. If there are several such user.config files, pick the one with the most recent date.

You may also want to make changes to improve accessibility, such as for those with visual impairments.

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