Whether you are a spreadsheet beginner or a data ninja, you can always learn, so here we signpost great MS Excel tips and tricks from some of the best blogs and websites in this field. Find advice for the latest Excel version in 2020 within Microsoft Office 365, as well as the previous 2016, 2013 and 2010 versions of the software.

Excel tips and tricks


Below are top Microsoft Excel advice articles from leading sources of information:

Excel formulas with examplesExceljet have compiled a list of 500 of the most useful and popular Microsoft Excel formulas. This huge list includes LOOKUP, AVERAGE, INDEX, FIND, SEARCH, DATE, RANK, VLOOKUP, MATCH, SUMPRODUCT, COUNTIFS, SMALL, LARGE,  ROUND, SUMIFS and CHOOSE among the main functions explained.

20 Tricks to Make Anyone an Excel Expert – on this Lifehack article, you are guided through 20 great Microsoft Excel tips to help you organise, visualise and analyse your data. These include advice on how to:

  • Speedily move and copy data into cells
  • Create a new shortcut menu
  • Add a diagonal line to a cell
  • Delete blank cells
  • Transpose data from a row to a column
  • Compose text with &
  • Transform the case of text
  • Input values starting with zero
  • Shift between different Excel files
  • Select all with one click
  • and many more…

Top 10 Excel 2016 Tips – Techradar highlight 10 great functions of Excel 2016 to improve your spreadsheet productivity. They give useful advice and examples with screenshots on the following topics:

  • Automatic data – populate your spreadsheet with sample data before you’re ready to input the real data
  • No formula fumbling – find categorised lists of ready to use formulas
  • Pasting up – keep numbers static where needed and distribute figures without revealing your workings out
  • See formulas – a shortcut to quickly switch between formula view or end result view
  • Quick formatting – select groups of data and perform quick analyses
  • Define constants – save frequently-used numbers to save time when they are used later on or to update the same figure wherever it is used
  • Keep comments – useful for collaboration and a non-invasive way of explaining the context of your numbers
  • Sidestep slowdown – reduce the effect of large spreadsheets full of formulae on your computer processing speed with a simple tweak
  • Cutting corners – some helpful shortcuts to help you work faster
  • See the future – forecasting tools which will analyse historical data and predict future trends

The above articles can help you quickly get up to speed with some of Excel’s most useful features. We’ll be adding more during 2020, but feel free to contact us if there are any great articles you’d like to see added to the list!


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