A financial forecasting spreadsheet for businesses automatically producing

  • informative graphs such as monthly, quarterly and annual cash movements. This information allows you to clearly see the profit and cash result from entries made including identifying the timing and size of any cash “pinch points”
  • monthly Profit&Loss, Cashflow and Balance sheet reports for up to 3 years, giving a rounded financial picture of the business and also often a requirement for any bank lending application

You enter assumptions such as sales, overheads, employee salaries, funding and payment terms in  pre-set templates.  The templates are designed to allow quick and flexible entry which build in a logical order.  Not all templates have to be used, for example if there are no opening balances then leave this blank.

Installing and registering this powerful and integrated model allows you to use Excel to play at your convenience with different assumptions to see their impact.  This can potentially save expensive accountants fees.  You get a much richer long-term picture than looking at just profit or just cash in isolation from free spreadsheet downloads.

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Install the Compass add-in, then run Excel and you will be asked for a licence key. After that, Cashflow Template’s easy-to-use and powerful Compass model will be available to use within Excel. After entering assumptions such as sales, overheads and payment terms in pre-set templates a full set of financial reports and informative graphs are produced.  For use from start-ups to companies with up to 50 employees.

Beta trial version now available.

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