If you have an error, try #IFERROR

It is not uncommon to complete a spreadsheet model for expected values only to find that some user inputs  are not what you expected result in errors. Depending upon the details, you simply what to stop that error behaviour cropping up in your reporting -...

Fathoming formula

Fathoming formula

Put yourself in the position of a learner ... You are following a workbook exercise using Excel. You've put the formula in, and entered the data. But something is wrong the number you've got is different to the workbook. Option 1: You put your hand up. The class is...

Understanding JOINTEXT

Understanding JOINTEXT

Normally we use EQUS to demonstrate numeric computations but here is a nice example with textual data. Inspired by some a tweet from @ddalgleish here is a short video showing JOINTEXT visualised using the EQUS add-in https://youtu.be/g7vaSAlwLkI

Fixing a spreadsheet formula

We have done a little theorising on complexity of working with a simple functional language. Although not necessarily famed for being a functional language, we are looking at spreadsheets and applying a classical model of human performance known as the Keystroke Level...

A professional data analyst meets EQUS

Spreadsheets at the best of times can be hard to read. Sometimes it is simply hard to see what they are up to. Here's a short video of a professional data analyst seeing EQUS for the first time while working with one of his spreadsheets. A very rewarding reaction ... ...

Visualize & Check Formulae in Excel:

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